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A Tale of Two Seasons: Chicago to See Sub-Zero Temps Followed by Spring-Like Weather in Coming Days

In classic Chicago fashion, the area is expected to see frigid cold temperatures to start the weekend, followed by a dose of spring-like warmth and sunshine in days to follow.

On Saturday, the city will dye the Chicago River green, and the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade will make its triumphant return after being canceled due to COVID last year, but the festivities will be marked by sub-zero temperatures and breezy conditions.

According to forecast models, an Arctic air mass is poised to move into the Chicago area as the weekend gets underway, dropping wind chills between 5 and 15 degrees below zero early Saturday morning.

Temperatures are only expected to climb into the mid-20s in the city for highs on Saturday, far below their seasonal averages, and when coupled with the wind, things will be downright frigid for those celebrating the holiday.

Fortunately for Chicago-area residents, there is some relief on the horizon.

On Sunday, windy conditions are once again expected, but high temperatures will be significantly warmer, climbing into the 50s across the area.

Daylight saving time also begins Sunday, which means clocks spring forward one hour, marking more than a full week before the start of spring.

The week could start to feel like spring though, with temperatures expected to continue climbing into the 60s in Chicago by Wednesday, accompanied by partly sunny skies.

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