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Car Slams into House, Flips

Same vehicle was involved in earlier hit-and-run less than two miles away, officials said



    Same vehicle was involved in earlier hit-and-run less than two miles away, officials said. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012)

    Two people were injured Tuesday evening when the car they were in jumped a curb and slammed into a house in Wheaton. The impact caused the car to roll over on its top.

    Joan Lorenzo was inside her home watching TV when the car nearly came crashing into her living room.

    "What noise we heard! Like a bomb came into the house," she said.

    Her 80-year-old husband, she said, was asleep upstairs at the time of the crash. He suffers from a heart condition and is on oxygen. He was hospitalized as a precaution, but nurses told the family he should be OK.

    "They're going to be displaced for at least a week or two," said the couple's son, George Lorenzo Jr. "The gas line was totally taken off."

    Gas to the street was shut down for about an hour, officials said. The Lorenzo's water and electricity services were also shut down as a precaution.

    Structural stability of the house is now in question.

    A neighbor, Dianne Chung, said accidents happen far too often at the the nearby intersection.

    "I feel like it's happening like once or twice a year," she said.

    The same vehicle was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run at Route 38 and Blanchard before it came to rest outside a home at Naperville Road and Farnham Lane, officials said.

    There were no injuries in the hit-and-run.

    The same car may have also been involved in an earlier collision in Addison, they said.






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