Kraft Ad Campaign a Lot of Hot Air

Bus shelters will be heated to promote new stuffing

Now this is a marketing campaign with a lot of hot air - literally.

Leave it to Kraft Foods to know how to win over customers in their home town.

The company is planning to heat up 10 of Chicago's busiest bus shelters in an effort to promote its new Stove Top Stuffing product.

"Stove Top Stuffing is all about warming up families with hot, delicious meals when the temperatures drop, and we wanted a stand-out way to demonstrate this to consumers this holiday season," said product brand manager Ellen Thompson about the first-ever use of heat in bus shelter advertising.

We assume Kraft has a different marketing plan in Los Angeles.

So if you're feeling hungry and cold this holiday season, here are the places to find some warm up and fill up in the next three weeks.

    -- 16 S. Clark Street (Clark Street & Madison Street)
    -- 197 N. State Street (State Street & Lake Street)
    -- 300 N. Michigan Avenue (Michigan Avenue & Wacker Place)
    -- 431 N. Michigan Avenue (Michigan Avenue & Hubbard Street)*
    -- 757 N. Michigan Avenue (Michigan Avenue & Chicago Street)*
    -- 538 W. Madison Street (Madison Street & Clinton Street)*
    -- 1 E. Washington Avenue (Washington Avenue & State Street)*
    -- 5 N. Michigan Avenue (Michigan Avenue & Madison Street)*
    -- 221 N. LaSalle Drive (LaSalle Drive & Haddock Place)
    -- 533 N. Dearborn Street (Dearborn Street & Grand Street)

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