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CTA, Metra and Pace approve new day pass, allowing riders to use all three systems

The passes are expected to roll out in coming months

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The Chicago area’s three major transit agencies have all agreed to participate in a trial that will allow residents to purchase a day pass and to use it on the CTA, Metra and Pace.  

Pace’s board approved the pass on Wednesday, the final step toward pursuing the citywide day pass system.

The day pass will allow riders to purchase the pass and use it on CTA buses and trains, Metra trains and Pace buses throughout Chicago and its suburbs. The pass will be available via the Ventra app, according to officials.

Rick Kwasneski, the chairman of Pace’s Board of Directors, said the agency supports the use of a universal pass and is looking forward to working with Metra and the CTA to make the trial a success.

“We really support a universal pass overall,” he said. “Great opportunity to work with our sister agencies and provide a seamless process for our riders.”

The pass will be funded via the Regional Transportation Authority, and the cost will vary between $10 and $16, depending on what zones the rider plans to travel to and what day of the week they’re traveling.

Despite the pricing different, riders and employees of the transit agencies are looking forward to having one pass to use all three systems in a single day.

“I work in the suburbs of course with Pace, so I use Pace and Metra constantly,” North region Manager Brett Burkhardt said. “We want to make their life a little bit easier. They don’t have to plan ahead, and they can do it all on the same pass.”

The rollout will take place in coming months, and once the trial begins, it will last for six months, officials say.

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