Chicago Cyclists Using Cameras To Document Rides, Accidents

GoPro helping cyclists get a handle on bike-car accidents

Chicago cyclists fed up with ignorant drivers are using technology to catch the cars in action.

More riders are buying cameras from GoPro, a company known for producing high-quality footage with its $200-$400 devices, Crain's Chicago Business reported. Riders strap the cameras to their handlebars or helmets, and if they get into a tiff with a car driver, the video is used to determine who is at fault.

The devices have become especially popular with the advent of Divvy and the addition of bike lanes throughout the city, according to Crain's. Plus, Chicago is no stranger to bike accidents.

Lebster Pabon of West Town Bikes said he mounts a GoPro camera on his bike's handlebars.

Pabon said he can see the cameras being a useful tool for documenting accidents but noted they only point one direction, so riders that get hit from behind shouldn't expect great accident footage.

That doesn't mean these devices can't be useful in other ways. Pabon uses his for documentary purposes and said many other riders do the same.

"It's cool to document your rides," he said.

Pabon said the documentation allows riders to showcase their routes and other personal styles and preferences.

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