“Track Problem” on Blue Line Resolved

Delays near O'Hare created a commuting mess

Service on the Chicago Transit Authority's Blue Line resumed normal service at about 11 a.m. Thursday after a problem with the third rail caused major delays near northwest suburban Rosemont.

The problem was reported at 7:15 a.m., CTA spokesman Steve Mayberry said. Trains were only operating between O’Hare and Rosemont, and between Rosemont and Forest Park, with passengers forced to switch trains at the Rosemont station.

The problem involved the third rail on the track, but further details were not immediately available, CTA spokeswoman Lambrini Lukidis said.

Next month, the CTA board will vote on a plan to raise the cost of a ride to O'Hare on the Blue Line from the normal fare of $2.25 up to $5.

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