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Shovel-Ready CTA

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    Shovel-Ready CTA
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    The CTA has plenty of shoveling to do.

    CTA chairwoman Carole Brown told a U.S. House committee last month that her agency has $500 million in "shovel-ready" projects. The CTA Tattler reports this week that Brown has yet to be guaranteed any money - though it doubts she would have any problem spending half a billion dollars rather quickly. We don't think it would be a problem either. Here are some of the shovel-ready projects we suspect are in store.

    - PR money to shovel the BS after giving top managers raises again.

    - New fare card design depicting Mayor Daley in flowing robes.

    - Funds to remove Ron Huberman's name from all the stationery.

    - Mondy to dig more evacuation routes from underground El lines that riders will never be told about.

    - New $499 million CTA headquarters.

    - Five hundred shovels to dig buses out of snow banks.

    - A new program re-instituting slow zones.

    - A $500 million down-payment on finishing the CTA Superstation at Block 37.

    - Walking around money for election day.

    - At least $25 million for a new program that will reimburse CTA executives for their gas expenses from driving to work.

    - Seed money for the mayor's new CTA TIF.

    - Construction of the new Gold Line, which will connect the Gold Coast to North Michigan Avenue.

    - Welcome to Mayor Richard M. Daley's Open Road Tolling!