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CTA Ads Take You On a Funny Ride

"Make this bus express!" says advertisement



    CTA Ads Take You On a Funny Ride
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    Let's see, how do I make this bus turn left?

    If you've ever wanted your bus to move along just a little bit faster, Gameloft offers a solution in its new ads:

    "Beat the first level in under a minute to make this bus express! Text block to 82174."

    Woo hoo! The potential for an express bus right at your fingertips!

    Most people will know that this is just a sales pitch, and the CTA ads for Gameloft's new mobile game Block Breaker Deluxe 2 can't actually promise a faster commute.

    "The ads use humor and are not intended to be taken literally," a spokesperson told the CTA Tattler. "The ad … implies that time flies when you play the game. One of the others is: 'Play a perfect hand and someone has to give you their seat.' The CTA does not consider them to violate truth in advertising guidelines."

    Now, CTA riders can appreciate witty humor as much as the next person. But there's a reason those e-mail chain letters are so popular: fake virus warnings, urban myths, offers for easy money, letters that promise to pop up a funny video...

    The fact is, some people really are that gullible, and it will only be a matter of time before someone waves their cell phone in the air, demanding the bus driver go "express."

    Matt Bartosik, editor of Off the Rocks' next issue, always spends time on the bus browsing NBC Chicago's mobile site.