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Mapping the CTA Service Cuts

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    Mapping the CTA Service Cuts

    Not exactly a mapper's delight.

    Intrigued by the CTA service cuts scheduled to go into effect this Sunday -- unless Daley saves the day! -- two University of Chicago grads have created "heat maps" that display how those cuts will affect each Chicago neighborhood.

    Max Shron and Luke Joyner used a proprietary algorhithm to discern increased travel times per hood. They then ascribed a color scale that dramatically reveals the difference for inbound and outbound traffic.

    The maps show roughly 3-4 minute increases in morning rush hour times from several neighborhoods, increasing to the north and, interestingly, decreasing on the South Side.

    CTA, Unions Point Fingers at Each Other

    [CHI] CTA, Unions Point Fingers at Each Other
    The CTA says its unions aren't giving up enough to avoid service cuts, and the unions say CTA management is uncooperative.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010)

    Travel times from the loop during late night hours, however, are significantly increased -- especially to South Side neighborhoods.

    The maps even break down the data by city block.

    See the full maps here.

    Riders React to CTA Service Cuts, Changes

    [CHI] Riders React to CTA Service Cuts, Changes
    Passengers are going to be making a number of changes to their daily routines when the CTA's service changes and reductions go into effect.
    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010)

    For more information about how the cuts will affect you, check out the Sun-Times' Q&A.

    Beginning Sunday, roughly 1,000 CTA employees will lose their jobs and service on 119 bus routes and all seven rail lines will be reduced.

    The service cuts are being blamed on a lack of funding, but union leaders argue that the CTA management team is uncooperative and that their offers, which have included $90 million in givebacks, have been shot down.