Search FAA's Wildlife Strike Database

The Federal Aviation Administration maintains a "Wildlife Strike Database," which reports all strikes between aircraft and birds (or other animals) that have been reported to the FAA since 1990.

The key word is "reported."

Unlike other agencies, the FAA does not mandate reporting to its database. By its own estimates, fewer than forty percent of all bird and wildlife strikes are reported each year.

Even with these limitations, however, the database provides a wealth of information on the numbers and scope of aircraft collisions with wildlife.

You can search for strikes for one particular airport or look at all reported strikes in a single state. You can also narrow your search to look at a certain time period or a particular type of aircraft, or to look for only those strikes that caused significant damage.

You can even narrow your search to look at just the strikes caused by a certain species of animal – the black-bellied whistling duck, for example, or the Laysan albatross.

Start your search by going to the FAA Wildlife Strike Database and use the drop-down menus to narrow your search. You can also export your search results to an Excel spreadsheet, which you can then sort and filter.

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