Behind the Scenes With the New Ford Taurus

Photos from an exclusive tour of the new Ford Taurus as it is being built at the Torrence Avenue plant.

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There's a new Ford Taurus and it's keeping Chicago auto workers very busy.
Now these shiney new Ford Tauruses are rolling off the assembly line on Chicago's South Side, and Ford has reinvented the one-time best seller.
At a time when troubled auto makers are closing plants and eliminating dealers, Ford is something of an exception. Among other things, it's making a huge investment in its Torrence Avenue plant with a car that's expected to be part of the company's future; the new Taurus. Here's a still-under-construction dashboard on a car at the plant.
Among other improvements to the old favorite, air bladders in the seats can be inflated to eliminate fatigue.
Scott Bair
The Taurus is built in Ford's oldest continually operating plant. These assembly lines are building the new Ford Taurus…at the rate of eight thousand vehicles a month.
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On the line, doors are installed, then removed to make it easier to work on the interiors.
Ford's goal is to emilinate defects before the car leaves the plant.
Parts ready for installation wait alongside the assembly lines. Each of the almost 3,200 parts is modeled and studied …so auto workers can make the most of the single minute each one spends on the car as it makes its way down the assembly line.
CSN Bay Area staff
Ford's new Eco-Boost engine combines power and fuel efficiency.
NBC 5 News
The Eco-boost gives you the power of a V-8 with the gas savings of a V-6.
For most of its trip down the assembly line the car is suspended from tracks to make it easier to work underneath.
Here the doors are going back on the car for the final time.
Finally the cars can be lowered off the track so they can roll on their own wheels.
Tim Panaccio |
The last step is a run through a tunnel that simulates daylight so that paint flaws can be seen.
Matt Maiocco
After the light comes a five minute high-pressure water bath to check for leaks. The Taurus is expected to start showing up in dealer showrooms next month and will start at about $25,000.
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