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Stephanie Pintas, 15, attends Lake Forest High School. She earns straight A's and raises money for "Invisibile Children." The group helps stop the kidnapping of kids forcing them to become soldiers in Uganda. Her teacher says Stephanie is "more than a Stellar Student -- She's an exceptional human being."
Stephanie Pintas, 15, attends Lake Forest High School. She earns straight A's and raises money for "Invisibile Children." The group helps stop the kidnapping of kids forcing them to become soldiers in Uganda. Her teacher says Stephanie is "more than a Stellar Student -- She's an exceptional human being."
Nicole Selvaggio, 18, graduated from Marist High School with straight-A's. She just received a national award for teen tennis players living with diabetes. Nicole will attend Moraine Valley Community College and play tennis there this fall.
Vanessa Cram, 11, and Isabella Cram, 8, attend Woodland Elementary West School. These sisters earn stellar marks in the classroom and on the cheerleading floor. Isabella's squad came in first place at State, and Vanessa's squad came in second.
Sydney Tucker maintained her three-year honor roll streak while in the eighth grade at Woodland Middle School in Gurnee. She also volunteers at a food pantry and donates clothing to shelters.
Cameron Hall, 10, attends Christian Life School in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Cameron earned straight A's last school year and placed second in Wisconsin's "Math Olympics."
Lauren Primer made the "A" honor roll every quarter at S.E. Gross Middle School in Brookfield. She also ran a marathon to raise money for charity.
Kayla Marvin, 16, attends Vernon Hills High School. Kayla has earned straight A's since the 7th grade. She plays basketball and volleyball for her school. Kayla participates in annual mission trips with her church.
Zachary Streightiff, 14, finished the 8th grade with straight A's and perfect attendance. The trumpet player kicked off a fundraiser to help Bravo Waukegan buy instruments to rent out to Waukegan Public Schools. Zachary's proud mother said she's excited about her son's self-motivation.
Kelly Rostin graduated from Crown Point High School in Indiana in the top 5% of her class. Kelly earned perfect attendance from kindergarten through high school. She won a four-year, full tuition scholarship to attend Butler University.
Ashley Lew, 10, attends Indian Trail School. Ashley earns top-notch grades in her school's "Gifted and Enrichment Education" program. She is also a member of the student council, drama club and orchestra.
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Naijah Osborne, 8, attends Washington School. The second grader learns 90% of her coursework in Spanish. She excels in reading, math and social sciences. Naijah also makes time for ballet, singing and art projects.
Madi Cardenas, 15, attends Mundelein High School. The straight-A student plays in his school's marching band and symphonic orchestra. He dreams of studying music, computer science and marine biology in college.
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Taylor Scott, 14, attends Gray Elementary School. She competes in "Math Counts" and plays basketball. The straight A student also volunteers with the Chicago Police Department on the peer jury.
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Mickey Cardenas, 13, competes in track, cross-country, volleyball, basketball and soccer. This eighth grader attends Carl Sandburg Middle School in Mundelin. He works just as hard off the field to win a spot on the honor roll.
Matthew Luce attends Bednarcik Junior High School. He serves on the student council, plays in the school band and earns high honors. Matthew also works on the side as a D.J.
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Alexis Barnes, 13, attends Jane Addams Junior High School in Schaumburg. The eighth grader earns straight A's, acts in the school play and sings in the school choir. Alexis' mother described her daughter this way, "She defines what it is to be a compassionate human being."
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Sydney Tarver, 17, attends BEST High School in Chicago. The senior ranks second in her graduating class. Last year, Sydney traveled with "BuildOn" to help build a school for disadvantaged children in Nicaragua.
Dylan Morgan, 10, attends Eisenhower Academy in Joliet. He earns good grades and plays in the school band. He competed in the Chicago Kids Triathlon in the past two years and raised money on his younger brother's behalf for Autism research.
Deja Henderson, 17, attends Maria High School. Her teachers call her a dedicated student, who makes her education her number one priority. This senior also motivates her peers and sets a great example for them.
Malika Marsh, 16, attends Queen of Peace High School. The student conquered her biggest challenge her sophomore year --geometry. She studied hard. Malika wants to be a chef someday.
Ana Soto, 13, attends St. Mary Star of the Sea. The seventh grader enrolled in the school last year. She studied hard day and night to adjust to the new curriculum. Ana improved in five of her classes by the end of her sixth grade year.
Javier Enriquez, 19, attends St. Gregory the Great High School. The senior earns A's and B's while balancing his part-time job. Javier's supervisor raves about the teen's work ethic.
Krista Godinez, 17, attends Queen of Peace High School. The junior serves on the student council and sings in the choir. Her teachers call her academically ambitious.
Alex Sheedy, 12, attends St. Matthias School. The seventh grader loves to read. Alex's teachers call hiim a fantastic student whose love of learning sets a great example for his classmates.
Keisha Ruth, 18, earned straight A's for several semesters in a row. The Paul Robeson High School senior is the president of the National Honor Society for her graduating class.
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Rafael Rincon, 13, attends Bell Elementary School. This stellar student tested into the gifted program while in seventh grade. His tests scores consistently surpass academic benchmarks.
Cheyenne Wallace, 13, attends St. Walter school. This eighth grader puts academics first. While in seventh grade, Cheyenne worked hard to boost a "C" in reading to an "A" adding another stellar grade to her A's and B's.
Lindsey Johnson, 15, attends De La Salle Institute. Lindsey scored a spot on the B-honor roll her freshman year and made time for cheerleading. She likes to hit the books on the ride home to continue to do well in school.
Anthony Culp, 17, is a senior at North Lawndale College Prep. This honor roll student is a writing coach, peer mediator and interns at the Adler Planetarium. He wants to major in computer engineering. He's already got a jump start in a program at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.
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Matthew Petersen, 11, attends Glenn Westlake Middle School in Lombard. This sixth grade honor student is a boy scout. Matthew plays the guitar and acts in the "Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Lyric Opera of Chicago.
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Mpingo Lewis, 7, is enrolled in the Montessori Program at Clissold "Climbing Higher" Elementary School. The straight-A student will play Christopher Columbus in his classroom play.
Conrad Echols, 9, is a student at St. Walter School in Chicago. The fourth grader earns good grades and plays the trombone in the school band. Conrad is throwing his hat into the political ring running for student council this year.
Jeanette Eldridge, 12, attends Caldwell Academy. The seventh grader has racked up plenty of accomplishments including, honor roll, science fair winner, mathematic achievement and citizenship awards. Jeanette is member of the pom-pom squad.
Aaron Stretch, 14, attends St. Bede The Venerable School in Chicago. This honor roll student is a math tutor. Aaron plays baseball, soccer, football and basketball. His parents nominated him.
Martiyana Garfield, 12, attends St. Ailbe Catholic School. The seventh grader is an honor student and has awards in math, spelling and science. This scholarship winner hopes to become a physician someday.
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Vince Kyle Morgan, 17, attends Mount Carmel HIgh School. The senior started his senior year with a 4.6 GPA ranking 9th out of 270 students. Vince plays on his school's football, track and soccer teams.
Bridget Zielinski, 10, attends Ferson Creek Elementary. Her teachers described her as thoughtful, goal-oriented and hard-working. Bridget tried out for the softball team surprising everyone. The Wasco Wizards came in second place in the championship.
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Roserry Yu, 16, is a senior at Libertyville High School. The AP scholar plays the violin and volunteers at a soup kitchen, Winchester Senior House and Chicago Botanical Garden.
Thomas Paul Campbell, 11, attends Woodlawn Community School in Chicago. The sixth grader has a 3.7 GPA and loves math and science. He placed second in the school science fair two years in a row.
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Cristina Salgado, 17, is a junior at Clemente High School. The teen traveled to Mali through the CPS program "Build On." Cristina helped build a school for hundreds of children living in poverty.
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Alex Hernandez is in the fifth grade at Dawes Elementary School in Chicago. The honor roll student's teacher nominated him for his determination to excel in the classroom.
Akaylia Trio Warren, 14, attends Oak Park River First High School. Her teachers say the honor roll student possesses a natural ability in the arts. Akaylia drew the above portrait. She's the first freshman to have her artwork appear in the Oak Part Art Gallery.
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Kendra Gujral, 12, is an honor roll student at South Loop School. She spent her summer volunteering at camp where she was elected best junior counselor. Kendra also starred in a school play.
Nicole Moy is the senior class president of her high school. She's headed to become a 12-season athlete this school year. She's played volleyball, basketball and soccer since entering high school. Nicole also plays the bassoon, alto sax and tenor sax.
Thomas Paul Campbell, 11, attends Woodlawn Community School in Chicago. The sixth grader has a 3.7 GPA and loves math and science. This whiz kid placed second in the school science fair two straight years.
India Clancy, 8, attends Owens Scholastic Academy. The third grader's mother said India lost her father in 2005 and decided to excel in school to honor his memory.
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