Stellar Student: 2012-2013

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Mia Oberto will attend Woodlands Academy for high school this fall. She graduated from Our Lady of Humility School. The Stellar Student accomplished an amazing streak. Mia earned straight A's since kindergarten.
Natalia Ocampo attends Oakdale School. She held the post of Class President. The honor roll student excels in math and reading. Natalia also loves playing the cello.
Marina Ahner, 14, is a student from Northwest Indiana. The teen swims competitively, runs marathons and tri-athlons. Marina also earns straight A's!
Khobi Price, 16, attends Morgan Park Academy. The sophomore has a 3.4 GPA. Khobi is a three-sport athlete. He plays on the varsity baseball, basketball and soccer teams. His stepdad calls him a "intelligent, gifted and talented young man."
Kelsi Williams attends Lindblom Math and Science Academy. The 7th grader has a 4.5 GPA. She's working hard to become a future journalist. Kelsi successfully completed a summer journalism program at Northwestern University last year.
Piper Rae Vanderpool attends South Loop Elementary School. The A-student started a friendship bracelet business. Piper Rae and her friend take orders from teachers and students. The pair create bracelets on the weekend.
Ireland Laverty, 8, attends Skinner North Classical School. The straight A-student is working on her autobiography. The second grader spent 50 hours creating a math game for school. This picture shows Ireland's science project where she proved cutting 2 cm off of flowers each day keeps them vibrant longer.
Yesenia Salas attends Dawes Elementary School. The fifth grader eagerly takes on new challenges. Yesenia's teacher calls her student self-motivated and believes she will accomplish great things in life.
Samantha Ocampo attends Dawes Elementary School. The fifth grader is a talented artist. Samantha's teacher calls her student ambitious and a classroom leader.
Qu' Rian Cox attends Dawes Elementary School. The fifth grader's teacher says her student has the wisdom and maturity of an adult. Qu' Rian is known in her classroom as an outstanding student and incredible leader.
Lizet Hernandez attends Dawes Elementary School. She shines brightly. Lizet's teacher calls her star pupil well-organized, extremely humble and outstanding.
Lizbeth Quito attends Dawes Elementary School. The fourth grader is a straight-A student. Lizbeth credits karate for teaching her how to handle school bullies through non-violence. Her school says Lizbeth believes good citizens protect others making the world a better place.
Jose Torres attends Dawes Elementary School. The fourth grader earns straight-A's. Of course, that means he's on the honor roll. Jose's teacher calls him extremely kind and respectful.
Fernando Rosell attends Dawes Elementary School. The fifth grader excels both academically and socially, according to his teacher. Fernando's academic gifts earned him a great honor. He attended President Barack Obama's inauguration last January.
Erik Padilla attends Dawes Elementary School. His teacher calls him one of the kindest students he's ever encounter. Erik can out-spell the best. He won the 5th and 6th grade spelling bee.
Desiree Santos attends Dawes Elementary School. The fifth grader's teacher describes Desiree as a talented artist, thinker and leader. She believes her young student will do great things in the future.
Christian Torres attends Dawes Elementary School. The fifth grader stands up against bullying. His teacher says other students bullied Christian at the beginning of the school year. Christian told them they should respect others. Now, he's gained their respect.
Julianna Ochoa attends Dawes Elementary School. The third grader is on the honor roll. Julianna's teacher calls her student cheerful and helpful.
Asia Dixon attends Dawes Elementary School. The third grader is on the honor roll. Asia's teacher calls her extremely hard working and dependable. Asia is known as a classroom leader.
Giavonni Nicole Gray, 14, attends Tinley Park High School. The freshman earned straight A's, including in her AP Geography course. Giavonni's mother says the teen is a strong young lady with a strong Christian belief.
Adin Farmer, 7, attends South Loop Elementary School. The 2nd grader is in the gifted class. Adin's favorite subjects are math and science. His teacher calls him a classroom leader. Adin also volunteers at his church and belongs to the chess club and basketball team.
Kamryn Cutler attends John F. Kennedy Middle School. The eighth grader is on the high honor roll. She loves to volunteer. Kamryn served meals to the homeless on Thanksgiving and raised money for St. Jude's Children Hospital.
Romell Harris-Ollarvia, 18, attends Evanston Township High School. The college-bound senior is taking four AP classes. He volunteers with Meals on Wheels, Evanston Scholars and at his church.
Molly Davies attends Taft Grade School in Lockport. The third grader earns straight A's and loves to read. Molly often carries a book with her.
Fadeke Oparinde, 15, attends Chicago Academy for the Arts. The teen sings opera. Her love of singing opera, jazz and pop started when she was just two years old.
Pamella Ferrell, 17, attends Hoffman Estates High School. The senior is an "A" student. Pamella mentors African-American girls at her school. She's been accepted to two colleges.
Donovan Corn attends St. Sabina Academy. The sixth grader earns a 3.9 GPA. He plays the saxophone. Donovan competes on baseball and wrestling teams. He dances with the Bulls Kids.
Aubrielle Wheatly attends Maria High School earning a 3.2 GPA. She plays softball, basketball and volleyball. She is the reigning Catholic School Conference MVP in volleyball.
Sarina Tajuddin, 12, attends Scullen Middle School in Naperville. She's in the gifted program. Sarina plays violin in the school orchestra, loves making crafts and playing sports.
Michelle Manson attends St. Paul Lutheran School in Chicago Heights. The 7th grader is taking 8th grade math. Michelle is also an accomplished viola player and a member of the North Shore Children's Symphony Orchestra.
Christian Lambert, who is an eighth grader, takes algebra at Marian Catholic High School. The Honor Roll student serves as president of the student council, participates in band and plays basketball.
Ava Basile attends St. Paul Lutheran School in Chicago Heights. The fifth grader is a straight a-student. Ava plays basketball, volleyball and runs track. The stellar student also plays in the school band.
Cortez Wallace attends Urban Prep Charter Academy. The senior has a 3.37 GPA. He's the current Student Government Association President. Cortez is the starting cornerback on his high school's varsity football team.
Tevin Harris, 16, attends Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men. The Class of 2014 member is an honor roll student and outstanding football player. Tevin is also a founding member of the Student Interview Panel. The teen helps interview teacher candidates and assists campus leadership in making personnel decisions.
Grace Mironas attends Hersey High School in Arlington Heights. The senior has a 5.1 GPA. Grace raised more than $3,000 last year to fly to Serbia and put on a summer camp for children there.
Karly Moran West, 10, attends Walt Disney Magnet School. The honor roll student is in her school's gifted program. Karly reads at a high school level. Her father says his daughter takes books with her wherever she goes.
Aliyah Abuhazeem, 16, attends Wells Community Academy. The senior has a 4.1 GPA . Earning straight A's in her AP courses helped her achieve that goal. Aliyah also earned a whopping 514 service learning hours. The future legal eagle won the 2012 Citywide Mock Trial Competition.
Brianna Lambert, 17, attends Whitney Young High School. The senior has a volunteer's heart. Brianna makes time to help at community events for her church, Susan G. Komen and Ronald McDonald House.
Yvette Gamino, 17, attends St. Francis de Sales High School. The National Honor Society member ranks fifth in her junior class. Yvette plays varsity soccer, tutors elementary kids and participates in After School Matters. She won first place in a chocolate sculpting contest as part of the program.
Wesley Jones, 17, attends St. Francis de Sales High School. He's captain of the varsity baseball team. He's a member of the Chicago Cubs junior team - RBI Cubs. Wesley serves his community by doing yard work for his neighbors and the elderly. His favorite subject is math.
Toussaint Stevens, 16, attends St. Francis de Sales High School. He ranks thirteenth in his junior class. Toussaint earned a Big Shoulders scholarship to travel to China last year. He also serves as historian of his school's student council.
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