Hoffman Estates Family Slain

The 20-year-old boyfriend of Amanda Englehardt is charged with the fatal stabbings of her father, sister and grandmother, in the family's Hoffman Estates home on Friday.

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Three of the five members of the Englehardt family were slain by Amanda's (lower left) boyfriend in their home Friday.
In the front, Amanda and Jeff Englehardt. Standing behind are Alan, Laura and Shelly. Alan and Laura were killed in the attack. Shelly was critically injured and her mother, Marlene Gacek, 73, (not pictured) was the third fatality.
Police were called to the quiet, suburban home early Friday.
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Paramedics remove one of the victims from the home.
Amber Caldwell
D'Andre D. Howard, a 20-year-old with a history of mental illness and criminal arrests, had been dating Amanda Englehardt for three years. He is charged with the murders and expected in court on Monday.
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