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What's Your Favorite Chicago Boutique?



    What's Your Favorite Chicago Boutique?
    Guise|Chic made the cut for its extreme makeover.

    As Brooke Shields recited the list of Golden Globe nominees this morning, we were checking out a different list of favorites.  Metromix.com put together their "best list" of new boutiques.

    In a city of ever-changing storefronts, they picked some fantastic newcomers like eco-chic Grasshopper 510, as well as extreme makeover Guise|Chic, which moved and expanded to include women's clothing. Then there were a couple obvious picks - like Maria Pinto's much-anticipated boutique and, of course, Oprah's store. Is there any Chicago "best" list that doesn't include Oprah?

    If anyone asked us (and they didn't) we would have included The Fig Tree as a stand-out in the West Loop's boutique boom. Otherwise, we thought the list was right on.

    Check it out for yourself.