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Chalkboard Coasters

Express emotion at your next cocktail soiree



    Chalkboard Coasters
    Paper Source
    Take your emotions out on the coaster.

    JUST CHALKY: Write your thoughts down with these black chalkboard coasters. We’re guessing these are a real hit at cocktail parties; a set comes with four coasters and chalk tied together with a string. Get them at Paper Source.

    APPLE A DAY: Foodies and “Fruities” alike will love these notepads shaped like apples or pears. Tear one off and put a little fun into making your to-do list (for once). Get them here.

    WRAP IT UP:  Drape your wrist in this one-of-a-kind leather cuff wrap, made from leather and antique cut steel. Get one at the Gem Jewelry Boutique.

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