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    Send a Taste of Chicago
    Giordano's Pizza
    We're used to Giordano's delivery. Share the love with a friend in another state with a little mail-order action.

    If your best friend moved across the country and calls every once in a while to lament how much she misses Chicago – the people, the lakefront, the food – maybe it's time to send her a little taste of the Windy City to offer some hometown comfort, or to possibly even convince her to move on back.  We've rounded up a few mail-order options that provide indelible tastes of our delicious city.

    1) Portillo's - Who wouldn't love to get a 10- or 50-pack of Portillo's hot dogs or a party package of Italian Beef sandwiches via post?

    2) Giordano's partially bakes and freezes their deep dish pizzas to make them mail-ready.

    3) Carson's Ribs – You might think that shipping ribs is a little bit messy, and well, you might be right. But it is certainly possible.

    4) Garrett Popcorn - A buttery mix of caramel, cheese and salted popcorn from Garrett's is the perfect gift to have delivered on your door step.

    5) Eli's Cheesecake – Nothing says love quite like a cheesecake hand-delivered to your door.