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Make Hav2P Your No. 1 iPhone App

Tool automatically provides list of nearby restrooms



    Make Hav2P Your No. 1 iPhone App
    Eric Rice/
    Finding a public bathroom shouldn't have to be a difficult process.

    Who hasn't been in a public setting where you have to go to the bathroom, but have no idea where to find one?

    We still have flashbacks of the gal doing the squat thing on the CTA bus on the way to the South Side St. Patrick's Day parade last year.

    Well, there's a new iPhone application that's designed to help you out in your hour of need, when you only have seconds to spare.

    Have2P automatically determines your location and provides a list of nearby restrooms. It also allows you to scan helpful tips from previous users, such as the bathroom's cleanliness and the likelihood of the business owner giving you grief.

    Ratings help you make the best possible choice.

    Just don't mesh this app with the iFart or you're really in for some trouble.