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Eco-Chic Design Line Expands Bedroom Collection



    Eco-Chic Design Line Expands Bedroom Collection
    Michael McCafrey at Pathway Creative
    Dream green in el: Environmental Language's Crescendo bed.

    Looking for home decor that has killer looks without the killer fumes and other hazardous materials? Local eco-friendly furniture design firm el: Environmental Language has expanded its collection to include two new bedroom furnishings. Using green materials and responsible building techniques, designer Jill Salisbury crafts contemporary furniture pieces such as her new additions: the Crescendo bed and the Zen bed.

    The Crescendo design riffs on the classic sleigh bed, with a curvaceous look made from natural bamboo and ebony-washed walnut. The bed's frame is constructed of bamboo and a sustainably harvested walnut veneer.

    The Zen bed flaunts an inlaid piece of tagua nut, (an inedible nut that looks like ivory), in the center of a sleek, harlequin-patterned headboard. Both designs utilize finishes that are non-toxic and naturally derived.

    Salisbury's el: Environmental Language collection can be found at her showroom at the Merchandise Mart. Better call your designer.