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Rain didn't stop shoppers from getting Apple's latest offering



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    The wait is over.

    Technological nirvana hit the Apple store on Michigan Avenue Saturday.

    Hundreds of rain-soaked iPad fans were greeted by cheering staffers to help celebrate the distinction of becoming one of the first to purchase the company's latest product.

    "It's a Kindle on steroids," said one customer who brought her mother and daughter to buy the tablet. "That's what I think it is. It's easy to pass around."

    But not everyone was buying for themselves. Jared Willis, 29, pickhed up is reserved laptop with plans to turn around and sell it for twice what he paid next week on a trip abroad.

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    “The iPhone and Apple are proven status symbols all over the world,” he said.

    Like all things Apple, the iPad release became a show unto itself. Starbucks brought the coffee. And M Burger, a new restaurant conveniently around the corner from the store, was offering up some of its fare.

    The iPad is pretty much an iPhone on steroids. With a 9.7 inch touch screen, it is three times the size of its predecessor. This version, which starts at $499, only has a Wi-Fi connection. Later this  month, a newer model will have a 3G network.

    "They've spent so much money marketing this thing," Frank Conroy said. It's like Christmas. Adults Christmas."