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Beauty and the (Holiday) Beast

Beauty expert dishes her best tips for the season



    Beauty and the (Holiday) Beast
    Nicole Pearl
    Beauty expert Nicole Pearl.

    Tis the season for holiday parties galore. Starting soon, we’ll be going to celebrations all season long, leaving us frequently hungover, dehydrated, and all around exhausted.

    But that doesn’t mean we can’t still pull it together and look hot. Nicole Pearl, beauty expert extraordinaire and founder of The Beauty Girl, gives us her best tips for looking good when beauty sleep isn’t in the cards.

    After a long day at the office, there’s seldom time to go home and shower. But Pearl has five tips for transitioning our look from the office to that holiday party
    • Slip on a chic headband (Goody has great, affordable options) to transition from corporate to cocktails, Pearl says. For sophisticated styles, think satins, rhinestone accents, metallics and jewel tones.
    • Slick on red or berry lipstick. Bold lips create instant glamour.       
    • Leave your practical, comfy work shoes under your desk and change into a higher heel or sleek boot before heading to the holiday party, Pearl recommends. This switcheroo will make you stand straighter and present yourself with more poise and confidence.
    • Caffeine may perk you up throughout the day, but it can't hide dark circles. Gently dab a light reflective concealer under your eyes to cover darkness and brighten up your face.
    • Warm skin by dusting a bronzer just under the cheekbones and on other body parts that are showing like shoulders and décolleté.
    And after a long, hard day with little time to spare, there’s also a few easy ways to fake like you slept 8 hours when clocked in at 4.
    “If your hair looks as flat as a pancake at the end of the day, bring it back to life by spritzing a dry shampoo at your roots,” Pearl says. 
    And If you know you've got a long day ahead, apply a primer, which helps to prevent makeup from fading, before putting on your makeup. For those with oily skin, pop blotting papers in your purse for a "quick fix when your face starts to glisten.”
    Finally, here's a few ways to perk up in the morning after a long night out: 
    • A teaspoon of honey helps break down the alcohol in your system.
    • If you're prone to puffy eyes, double your pillows. The extra elevation helps the fluid drain so it won't pool and cause puffiness. If you do wake up with puffy eyes, slap on some cold cucumbers.
    • When you feel blah and look exhausted, attract light to your face by using a shadow with a hint of shimmer. Finish by applying a silvery shadow to the inner corner of the eyes to make them look bigger.

     Kim Peiffer is the founder of The Glow List, an online magazine dedicated to fitness, beauty, healthy living, spa and travel.