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The World's Greenest Nuns

Really righteous greenies reduce their carbon footprint for God



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    Taking care of the Earth is a good habit.

    Could an eco-nunnery be one of the greenest buildings in NYC?

    If the green movement ever wanted to get right with God they couldn't find a better way than setting up a group of New York City nuns in some posh environmentally sound digs in West Harlem.

    The Episcopal Sisters of the Community of the Holy Spirit will live in an eco-chic, four-story, solar-powered building with two roof-top gardens, rainwater-collection and natural ventilation on 150th St and Convent Avenue. The locavore sisters are serious about decreasing their carbon footprint, going as far to investigate installing compost toilets.

    Tree Hugger has some snazzy renderings by BKSK architects, complete with what looks like some hand-made paper lanterns from Ikea hanging in the chapel. Surfaces and counters will be made of recycled glass and concrete, completing the stylish sustainability. The nuns are really looking to go all the way, and searching for habits made of organic cotton.

    Praise the Lord and pass the locally-sourced, recycled bricks. [New York Times]