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Think Winter Food Has to be Boring?

Farmerie 58 unveils seasonal menu that packs a cold-weather punch



    Think Winter Food Has to be Boring?
    Courtesy of Farmerie 58
    Tuck into lamb chops with barley risotto and wilted spinach to help you get through the long winter months ahead.

    The seasonal food trend is hitting its stride -- many popular Chicago restaurants emphasize timely ingredients in their dishes -- even when the temps are well below the freezing mark and you think there can't possibly be any signs of life. New River North resto Farmerie 58, a farm-to-table, sustainable bistro serving contemporary American cuisine, just might change your mind -- and the way you eat.

    Farmerie 58 has fully transitioned into its winter cycle and recently finalized menu highlights for the season. Focusing on hearty and savory dishes for this often-brutal time of year, Farmerie 58 is emphasizing several "classic" winter flavors, such as saffron, chestnut, sage and ale. Executive chef Nathan Kosakowski has added these ingredients to special additions to the restaurant's menu, including a crab-saffron fondue, ale-steamed mussels and prosciutto-wrapped prawns as starters, and wild boar pasta, Mediterranean sea bass and lamb and pork chops as satisfying entrees.

    Farmerie 58, 58 E. Ontario St., 312-440-1818