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Dive Into Tea 101

Buzz: Killer Espresso offers tea workshop



    Dive Into Tea 101

    We all wish we would have had more time in college to take those electives that some people managed to fill their entire schedule with -- guitar, wine tasting, knitting 101.

    Or even better, would have been a class focused on the the beverage department. Well, that time has come in the form of the Tea 101 workshop hosted by Buzz: Killer Espresso Cafe on April 11. 

    You may be a coffee addict, but perhaps this seminar is just what your jittery, caffeine-addicted soul was yearning for. The interactive course provides an inside glimpse into the world of teas, including how to recognize premium whole leaf teas, the art of properly preparing whole leaf teas, how to distinguish the nuances of flavor and aroma, the proper ways to enjoy tea, proper tea ware to use and the health benefits of tea.
    The workshop is only $5 per person, including a 15 percent discount on tea-related purchases made that day. Space is limited and pre-registration is required by e-mailing events@buzzkillerespresso.com