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New "Beercade" Hits Lakeview

Headquarters vintage arcade game bar opens October 11



    New "Beercade" Hits Lakeview
    Get your Ms. Pac-Man fix on at Lakeview's Headquarters.

    If beer and video games are your thing, there's options out there that involve actually getting off the couch.

    Headquarters opens in Lakeview (950 W. Wolfram) on October 11 and bills itself as a "beercade."

    The retro-themed bar pairs classic arcade games with a high-end cocktail program.

    But first, the games. More than 30 vintage arcade games line the space, such as Centipede, Donkey Kong and Tetris. And yes, each game costs a quarter.

    The themed cocktails contain serious ingredients but keep the game theme going, with offerings such as the gin-based Billy Mitchell, named after the first person to get a perfect score at Pac-Man. The curated craft beer list includes 16 options on tap. Beats the soda you were probably sipping on the couch in your teen days.

    And while you can play Burgertime, Headquarters doesn't offer any food, but will allow you to order in from any of the neighboring eateries.

    Now all you have to concentrate is reaching that high score.