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NATO-Inspired Dishes Hit Chicago Menus

Themed menu items appeal to your inner rebel



    NATO-Inspired Dishes Hit Chicago Menus
    Glenn's Diner is getting into the NATO spirit with a specialty soup.

    All that protesting has got to leave your average anarchist feeling pretty hungry.

    Good thing there's plenty of Chicago restaurants ready to roll out the red carpet during the NATO summit with some tongue-in-cheek specialty dishes.

    Demonstrators will feel right at home at Lockdown Bar & Grill. The Ukranian Village rock and roll hot spot is offering a NATO Burger Flight, which includes:

    • The Arson Burger: Topped with jalapeno jack cheese, their house-made Lockdown hot sauce and roasted scotch bonnet peppers.
    • The Federales Burger: Spicy roasted peppers, chorizo and a fried egg under the Valencia hot sauce and smoked pepper mayo.
    • Citizens Arrest: This allows for one last savory meal before "lockdown." Choose the Angus burger, buffalo, turkey, veggie, or a chicken breast with any combination of toppings.

    Epic Burger is also jumping on the NATO theme by offering 99 cent french fries as a gesture of solidarity with the 99 percent. The 517 South State and 550 West Adams locations will remain open on May 20 and 21, and plan to feature employee-made signs in the windows welcoming protestors. The special runs May 18-22.

    North Side favorite Glenn's Diner hopes everyone can all just get along, and has created a special NATO Soup that's all about solidarity. The seafood Cioppino brings together different types of fare from the ocean to make up a "peaceful medley of flavors." It's served with a side of garlic bread and a shot of whiskey -- a chance to sort out your differences by breaking bread over a drink.

    Magnolia Bakery's special is also a lot sweeter -- a NATO-themed classic cupcake with rich vanilla buttercream topped with blue nonpareils. It's available until May 25 for $3 each at the 108 N State Street store.

    Chicago Restos Offer NATO-Inspired Cuisine

    [CHI] Chicago Restos Offer NATO-Inspired Cuisine
    For the month of May, Chicagoans will have an opportunity to dine around the world. The Illinois Restaurant Assocation created the Chicago Culinary Crossroads Program to celebrate the different nations represented in the upcoming NATO Summit.
    (Published Wednesday, April 25, 2012)

    After all, neither rebelling or making peace is any fun on an empty stomach.