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Lettuce Sue You

Sun-Times calls it a "David and Goliath" story



    Lettuce Sue You
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    Let us see ... what might this be about?

    A leafy green appears to be at the center of a legal battle being fought on the fields of Chicago's restaurant industry.

    Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises is taking Shahram "Sean" Tehrani, who is trying to open his latest eatery, Lettuce Mix, to court.

    Let us see ... what might this be about?

    It seems the bigger company -- which started in Chicago with R.J. Grunts in Lincoln Park and has grown to own and operate roughly 70 restaurants across the country -- doesn't like the reference to lettuce in the soon-to-open 1,000-square-foot salad concept restaurant at 2470 N. Clark, the Sun-Times reports. 

    Lettuce Sue You

    [CHI] Lettuce Sue You
    A Chicago restaurant owner wants to use the word "lettuce" in the title of his new eatery, and he's being told no... for now.
    (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)

    "They were saying they didn't want me to use the name lettuce. It's like owning the sun. What am I going to do pay them $2 every time I get a suntan?" Tehrani asked Wednesday, adding "It's absurd."

    The newspaper report indicated that attorneys for Lettuce Entertain You couldn't be reached for comment.