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Learn Do-It-Yourself Sushi and Sake at SushiSamba



    Learn Do-It-Yourself Sushi and Sake at SushiSamba
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    Learn the art of sushi making at SushiSamba.

    Does the thought of rolling your own sushi put your stomach in knots? Does pairing sake with dishes at home make you want to suck down a Budweiser and forget the whole thing? Face your fears at SushiSamba Rio's monthly "Do-It-Yourself" Sushi + Sake 101 class. The next lesson takes place on Tuesday, Nov. 18 to teach the skills of sake pairings and sushi rolling.

    SushiSamba features more than 75 varieties of the rice-based spirit, as well as an on-staff sake sommelier, Mark Ryan. (In fact, SushiSamba is one of the only fine-dining establishments in the country to employ such a position.) Ryan and executive sushi chef Shigeru Kitano lead participants on a two-hour journey through the history of sushi and sake. Then, pupils will make their own sushi roll by hand while getting schooled on the art of becoming a master sushi chef, as well as selecting and preparing raw fish.

    Of course, students get to sample the goods -- the class includes five flights (!) of sake, plus a selection of SushiSamba's signature dishes, sushi rolls, sashimi, tempura and edamame. The lesson takes place in the restaurant's private dining room from 6:30PM to 8:30 PM. The cost is $75 per person, with a class limit of 20 people.