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Hey You, Put Down the Can Opener

Marche will teach you how to make first-rate soups in your own kitchen



    Hey You, Put Down the Can Opener
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    You'll learn how to use your stove again.

    It's no wonder January is National Soup Month -- when it's this friggin' frigid, all you want to do is put something steaming down your throat. But, if you eat another can of Campbell's, you just might croak. We get it. Learn how to make your own savory soups at Marche's "Art of Soup" cooking class. Yes, it's an art.

    As part of KDK Restaurant Group's celebration of this monthlong national holiday, Marche's exec chef Cory Peterson will walk you through the how-tos of several menu classics at this adventurous French bistro. On the menu? Marche's signature French onion, apple-quince, butternut squash and white bean soups. You'll learn at-home versions of these soul-satisfying soups, which you'll then get to enjoy on the spot along with wine pairings.

    We're getting warmer already. Marche's "Art of Soup" class takes place Saturday, Jan. 24 at 11:30AM. Admission is $30, which includes the instruction, samples and, of course, the vino. 

    Marche, 833 W. Randolph St., 312-226-8399