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Chicago's Eccentric Culinary Genius

GQ goes inside the mind of Chef Michael Carlson



    Chicago's Eccentric Culinary Genius
    Ditte Isager
    Chef Michael Carlson is known for being somewhat eccentric and reclusive, but his food speaks volumes -- if you can get a reservation at Schwa.

    First it was the designation as "City of the Year." Then it was a fashion spread on Chicago's streets featuring actor Jeffrey Wright. Now, in the latest issue of GQ, Schwa restaurant (1466 N Ashland Ave) and Chef Michael Carlson gets featured billing, calling it "the most innovative little restaurant in America."

    Alan Richman's article reprises a legendary dinner at Schwa when Carlson cooked an elaborate meal for über-chef Charlie Trotter and a famous group of chefs he dubbed "the Justice League."

    But the reclusive Carlson is the real story here. He has the type of prowess that could easily elevate himself into the pantheon of Chicago's most recognizable chefs -- while probably making a ton of money at the same time.

    But Carlson blazes his own path, admittedly living somewhat paycheck to paycheck and seemingly fighting his fair share of demons along the way.

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