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Billy Dec Eats Breast Milk Cheese on "Today"

Nightlife guru surprised live on air



    Billy Dec Eats Breast Milk Cheese on "Today"
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    Billy Dec proves that he'll eat just about anything.

    He likes it, hey Billy!

    Chicago nightlife guru Billy Dec may be the new modern-day Mikey after eating cheese made with human breast milk on the "Today Show" this week.

    Dec was on the New York set accompanying Sunda chef Rodelio Agligot for a cooking segment, and the two were walking through the set afterward while Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford were live on the air.

    "I just heard them say something like 'come on, won't anyone try it?'" Dec said. "I raised my hand randomly never thinking it would mean anything and a ton of people egged me on to go up."

    Next thing he knew, Dec was on live TV eating the cheese -- even though he didn't know what it was made with.

    "I knew they were afraid to try it, but also knew it would be stupid to make me try something that would hurt me on public TV, so I didn't care," Dec said.

    Moments after trying the cheese, the hosts clued Dec in to what he was eating.

    "I do admit I was alarmed by their facial expressions and all the gasps in the room ... but I'm always up for adventure and trying new things," Dec said. "It tasted like onions and warm sweat."

    So will one of the minds behind some of the most innovative restaurants and clubs in the city be working it into any local menus? Don't hold your breath.

    "If they called me back to try new special food, I would do that in a second. I do that every day and shoot it out on Twitter. But I don't need anything made with human female breast milk just to have it," Dec said.