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The Ultimate Preggers Style Bible

Amy Tara Koch’s new book, “Bump it Up”



    The Ultimate Preggers Style Bible

    Some people may ooh and ahh over a pregnant woman walking ever-so-carefully down the street, but when you’re the one who is actually knocked up, you may feel more like a whale than a precious commodity.

    Local gal-about-town Amy Tara Koch (writer extraordinaire and mother of two) decided enough was enough and created the ultimate style bible for expecting women. The result is her new book, “Bump It Up: Transform Your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style,” which explores ways to achieve maximum style while minimizing the frumpiness of pregnancy.

    Inside the book you’ll find witty quizzes, skincare secrets, and a glossary of essential terms that every pregnant woman should know during her three trimesters.
    It’s a must-read rejuvenator for pregnant women, offering insight into getting out of that frumpy mode and learning how to look stunning in maternity ensembles (all without breaking the bank, we might add).
    “A-list” fashion editors, beauty gurus and celebrity stylists offer some of their top-notch secrets and sketches from such design icons as Isaac Mizrahi and Diane Von Furstenberg.  
    Nothing will get a preggers woman feeling good about herself like a little boost of style and some tips from the expert. Unless of course, you’re bringing pickles and ice cream into the picture.