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Summer Fashion Scorcher

District Bar hosts “Hot Ice” fashion party



    Summer  Fashion Scorcher
    Protégé eyewear.

    It’s hot outside, and we’re wearing less clothing as the muggy days continue, but that doesn't mean we don't still want to look smokin'(pun intended). So take a break from all this sweltering heat and cool off with a cocktail and some fashion.

    Head to District Bar Wednesday for an event that celebrates opposite extremes in weather. It's called Hot Ice, and it'll leave you liquored up and tuned in with the latest in fashion trends.

    From 7-11p.m. you'll be treated to a feast of swimwear, shades and fur (yep, fur) to set the tone for the hot and cold concept. Elan Furs, Protégé Eyewear and Meekis Swimwear will join together for a runway show on the best of the hot and cold.

    Melting in the scorching August sun? Take a break from the blistering heat and cool off in the icy indoors. This summer, District Bar is giving you the option to bare all or cover up with a night of hot and cold fashions. And, like any bar event, they’ll do their best to keep you liquored up. Get a free glass of champagne from 7-8p.m. and half-price bottles of wine the rest of the evening, in addition to a special “Hot Ice”-themed menu for the evening.

    Just don’t place the blame on someone else when you wake up Thursday morning with a new fur coat, blingin’ diva shades and a barely-there bikini; you’re old enough to be responsible for your own behavior.

    Kim Peiffer is the founder of The Glow List, an online magazine and newsletter dedicated to sharing the latest in fitness, diet, spa, beauty and travel nationwide.