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Jennifer Hudson Considers Shaving Her Head

Actress/singer considers new 'do after losing weight



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    Singer Jennifer Hudson may lose some hair to go along with the weight.

    Is Chicago's Jennifer Hudson gonna go all Sinead O'Connor on us?

    Apparently the Oscar-winning actress and singer is open to shedding her locks, according to an interview with InStyle magazine.

    Hudson, who's gone from a size 16 to a size 6 thanks to Weight Watchers, told the magazine she's thinking about shaving her head to match her new svelte look.

      "My cousin’s a beautician, and she always tells me, 'You could wear any hairdo.' So I'm thinking, What if I shave my hair? Not completely off, but low. I think that would be so hot."

    As for losing any more weight? Hudson says this is as far as she's going.