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Designer Unveils Chicago Newspaper Gown

Dress made entirely of Chicago newspapers



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    Lara Miller's dress was made with copies of the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and RedEye.

    A Chicago designer's latest look is making front page news -- literally.

    Lara Miller unveiled a gown in New York Tuesday entirely made of Chicago newspapers, part of an event called Yesterday's News Green Catwalk and Workshop.

    Miller, along with eco-designers Bahar Shahpar, Samantha Pleet and Anthony Lilore were challenged to construct pieces out of recycled newspaper.

    Miller's dress was inspired by Chicago's Aqua building, the tallest female-designed building in the world. She used tea to create the color and copies of the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Timesand RedEye for the material.

    Despite the rigid look of the dress, it's actually meant to be worn.

    Women feel "most beautiful when they’re comfortable" is one of Miller's fashion mantras.

    The unique hand-sewn dress will be auctioned off for charity, with proceeds benefiting Chicago's The Land Connection, an organization that works to promote healthy organic foods.