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Star Maps: New BFFs?

Ed and Jillian grope, Wilmer and Cutler party, Queen Latifah keeps Patron in business



    Star Maps: New BFFs?
    Jay Cutler and Wilmer Valderama were seen partying it up at Angels & Kings.

    This week proved once again that stars really do love their alcohol.
    First off we have Wilmer Valderama, who was in town for a screening of his new movie, "Handy Manny Motorcycle Adventure." But it turned out he wasn't really the star of the screening, it was the movie's main character (a handyman) that got all the attention. Poor Valderama. He's short as hell and past his prime. Must really be hurting his game. He quenched his sorrows with a little night on town, partying with Bears QB Jay Cutler at Angels & Kings and Stay. That explains the bevy of beautiful ladies and the bottle of Don Julio.
    Now let's move on to the juice we all really want to know; The Bachelorette's Ed Swiderski and Jillian Harris. Yes folks, they're still here, and they're all over each other, all over town. Saturday night they were spotted having dinner at NoMi with three other people, but that didn't stop them from kissing each others necks and groping in the middle of dinner. A source said their behavior was way more "gross" than anything else. Are we really surprised, considering their PDA levels on camera during "The Bachelorette?" Hello, get a room!? They also kept talking to their table about how fake their reality show was, which leads us to believe they must no longer be receiving paychecks from ABC. Tough life.  
    Even though he claimed an illness from getting sick from his studio air conditioner, rapper Shwayze was able to rise from his bedside to party light it up at Cuvee nightclub, after an all-out performance at the House of Blues. Maybe he got a scratchy throat from inhaling too much of bandmate Cisco Adler's hair. Those are some long luscious locks if we do say so ourselves.

    And despite the ongoing recession, Queen Latifah dined with good friend Anthony Fiore at Fiore's new Restaurant, Elate after visiting Hyde Park. The Hip Hop Queen ordered up a $500 of patron which she sipped on for most of the night. $500? We hope that thing was guilded in gold. Maybe she needed it to wash down those oysters she was eating. She was also spotted at Manor Thursday night, hanging out with two ladies and taking shots of Stoli Gala Apple. Apple vodka, tequila and oysters -- yikes. Bring on the Pepto Bismol. 

    We also saw the likes of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich boozing it up at Angels & Kings and Giuliana and Bill co-hosting Couture and Cocktails at the Palmer House on Friday.

    Cocktails -- seems to be an ongoing theme this week.