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Slipknot Doesn't Leave Chicago Hanging

Band plays Allstate Arena



    Slipknot Doesn't Leave Chicago Hanging
    Maureen Vana,
    Slipknot fans come prepared to party!

    Put on a mask, splash some fake blood behind your ears, and get ready for a good time. Whether you're into the music or not, it's undeniable that the band Slipknot always gives you something to raise an eyebrow at.

    The Allstate Arena played host to the band, alongside openers Trivium and Coheed and Cambria last week. Although on paper it seemed like an odd combination, the pairing proved nothing but complimentary when put into action. A night heavy on guitars, a lot of hair, and some thorny head gear made for both a visual and audio array of excitement.

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    Slipknot and friends have been making their way through the states under the banner of "The All Hope Is Gone Tour."

    The album (under the same name) was released last summer, charted at #1 on the Billboard 200, and includes the Grammy nominated song "Psychosocial".

    Their visual and energetic performance supports their critical acclaim and provides entertainment that cannot be offered on disk. So if you missed out on the show, prep your costume and lay in wait for the return of Slipknot.