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Schwimmer's New Play Includes Social Networks, Rape

"Trust" begins run at Lookingglass Theatre



    Schwimmer's New Play Includes Social Networks, Rape
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    David Schwimmer co-directed and co-wrote the Lookingglass Theatre Company play.

    We've put our trust in the Lookingglass Theatre Company for a very long time.

    Under the direction of an aptly-trained, highly intelligent ensemble of actors, directors, writers, and technicians, we've trusted them with the classics, the circus arts, the childhood fantasies, and the Greek myths.

    But now they're telling a different story.

    In the midst of checking our Blackberrys, iPhones, and soon, our iPads; updating our Facebook status and tweeting about what we're buying at the grocery story, a very serious problem has arisen.

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    Former "Friend," David Schwimmer, brings this extremely pertinent issue to light in his new Lookingglass play (co-written with pal Andy Bellin), called Trust.

    Although our Facebook friends and Twitter followers may not seem predatory, there is an entire Internet full of strangers that are. And these predators too easily and far too frequently meet their oft-younger prey.

    "Trust" is not (just) that story, it's the story of a suburban, seemingly well-adjusted family of five who must deal with the grief and consequences after their eldest daughter is manipulated and ultimately assaulted by an online "friend" who turns out to be the worst kind of creep.

    Because of the intense and disturbing subject material, rape counselors are available in the lobby after every performance. You've gotta hand it to Lookingglass for edifying their audience.

    This play won't sell-out or have lines around the block simply because of Schwimmer's name on the marquee (although it doesn't hurt) -- it will succeed because of the relevant story and brilliant acting and directing.

    So, with the advent of Lookingglass' most modern, timely piece of theatre, we hereby place our trust in theirs -- and Schwim's -- hands.

    Trust runs through April 25 at Lookingglass Theatre. Tickets are $38 or $42.

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