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Know When to Hold 'Em

Poker tips for chicks from Citizen owner and "Millionaire Matchmaker" bachelor



    Know When to Hold 'Em
    This, apparently, is a good hand.

    Poker, like love, is a game of chance, but skill also comes into play if you're doing it right. The infamous Jimmy D, owner of River North's Citizen Bar, professional poker player and a recent bachelor on a much-talked-about episode of Bravo's hit reality show "The Millionaire Matchmaker," will try to teach ladies how to play a mean game of cards in Citizen's weekly Poker School 101. 

    Starting Tuesday, May 19, Ladies Poker School 101 will be taught by Mr. D himself, along with other pros who will provide a comprehensive overview of the game. Novices will learn tips and strategies that will come in handy when they find themselves in the next impromptu (strip?) poker match. Winners each week will have their glamour shot displayed on Citizen Bar's "Wall of Fame."

    Ladies Poker School 101 will take place every Tuesday from 7-9PM on Citizen Bar's spacious rooftop lounge. The free lessons will be accompanied by food and drink specials such as $6 salads and half-priced bottles of wine. But, be careful, girls -- don't let that chardonnay mess with your game.

    Citizen Bar, 364 W. Erie St., 312-640-1156. RSVP for Ladies Poker School 101 to