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Life IS But a Dream

Dream nightclub opens in former Krem space



    Life IS But a Dream
    Dream Nightclub
    Dream is located in the former Krem spot. The owner is Reggie Benjamin, more recently responsible for Stardust in the suburbs.

    Dreams reflect feelings buried deep in your psyche, from an unspoken fear of falling to an unspoken fear of falling in love with... Jay Cutler. Fulfilling your unspoken desire for a surreal nightlife experience, Dream (1750 N. Clark St.).


    From a club owner who cut his teeth at suburban hotspot Stardust, Dream's a sprawling, 380-capacity, ethereal lounge located in the former Krem space with a main room decked in wall-to-wall whiteness, from the low-slung plush leather seating to flowing fabrics, with pink and blue lighting providing the color -- like an electronic version of The View'sJoy Behar.

    Additional room for revelry comes in the form of a red-hued VIP area with its own separate DJ booth turning out techno and house, and a sunken LED-lit and firepitted 80-seat patio that's backed up to Clark St, much like the Lincoln Park traffic, but everyone's sexier and totally wearing tight shirts.

    Because partying often leads to hunger, they're offering up a heavily organic menu with a focus on sandwiches (grilled cilantro chicken breast with pesto, portabella panini with artichokes, roasted peppers and herbed goat cheese) and breakfast-y selections like omelettes and a mayo-avocado-jack-chili slathered egg sandwich, a preemptive strike against your impending hangover.

    The last Saturday of each month Dream will be throwing a party in celebration of Playboy's new centerfold for the upcoming month, who will be there in the flesh to fulfill your unspoken desire to be tormented by women with whom you have no chance whatsoever.

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