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Chicago Syncs July 4th Spectacular

Chicago announces plans to synchronize 3 lakefront fireworks shows



    Chicago Syncs July 4th Spectacular
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    BERLIN - JULY 04: Fireworks explode behind the U.S. flag hanging from the front facade of the new U.S. embassy at the official opening ceremony and celebration of the embassy on July 4, 2008 in Berlin, Germany. Architectural critics claim the embassy, designed by American architect Moore Ruble Yudell, offers little in architectural innovation or design. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

    Chicago is starting a new Independence Day tradition with multiple bangs.

    The city plans to synchronize three fireworks shows to make it easier for residents and tourists to take part in the celebration of America’s birthday from anywhere along Chicago’s 26 miles of lakefront.

    And the extravaganza normally held on July 3 is being pushed back one day, to the Fourth of July.

    Synchronous displays will be timed to American-themed music that can be heard on The Mix 101.9 FM.

    This move comes after officials scrapped the traditional July 3rd fireworks in an effort to save about $1 million in police and cleanup costs.
    Buckingham fountain will no longer be the hot spot for checking out the explosions. Under the new plan prime viewing spots will be Navy Pier (Downtown), Foster to Montrose (North Side) and 63rd Street Beach to Promontory Point (South Side).

    The shows will begin at 9pm and last about 15 minutes. That’s about 3 minutes less than the old July 3rd shows, but the city says less could mean more.

    “You can make the shows bigger,” said Special Events Director Megan McDonald to the Chicago Sun-Times. “You can have the fireworks be more dynamic. You can have the shells closer together, so there’s not a big gap in between.”

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