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Bust Out Your Bicycle

Plus, a hip hop on a different kind of stage and celebrating the blues



    Bust Out Your Bicycle
    Dust off your bike -- and dress warmly.

    PEDAL POWER: Rain or shine, Chicago Critical Mass hosts their montly bike ride through the city. Riders start at Daley Plaza and make their way through the streets of Chicago. All you have to do is show up with your bike. 5:30 p.m., 50 W. Washington St.

    A TRIBUTE TO HIP HOP: This weekend is your last chance to check out "I Still Love H.E.R: A Tribute to Hip Hop." The show, which ends its run on Saturday, discusses social issues like racism, feminism and violence in the hip-hop community with songs and audience participation. Click here for tickets. 7:30 p.m., 777 N. Green St., $20- $25.

    BLUES AND A BIRTHDAY: A who's-who of the Chicago blues scene will be celebrating the legendary Clarence "Lil Scotty" Scott's 65th birthday party tonight. The celebration of Scott's life will be held at Las Americas CHA Senior Citizen Apartments and will offer free food, drinks, and music from other legendary artists like Junk Yard Dog, Tail Dragger and Queen Portia. This is history ya'll. 4-8 p.m., 1611 S. Racine Avenue, $15.