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Best City For Men? Beirut Beats Chicago

Poll ranks top 29 liveable cities for men



    Best City For Men? Beirut Beats Chicago

    Most "best city" magazine polls need to be taken with a grain of salt, but at first blush, the latest poll from may be a head scratcher for some Chicago men.

    The site, which dubs itself the world's No. 1 lifestyle site for men, ranked Chicago No. 25 in its list of the Top 29 Cities to Live In.

    New York was listed as the top liveable city for dudes, with Miami and San Francisco the only other American cities in the Top 10 and Melbourne and Tokyo rounding out the Top 3.

    The criteria for the rankings include opportunities for professional challenge, a strong sports team, the ratio and places to meet single, educated women, guaranteed vacation days, unemployment rate and the culinary scene.

    Chicago men can take heart, however -- at least we beat Bogota, Columbia. Barely.

    The full list:

    1. New York
    2. Melbourne
    3. Tokyo
    4. Madrid
    5. London
    6. Cape Town
    7. Miami
    8. Buenos Aires
    9. Sydney
    10. San Francisco
    11. Paris
    12. Los Angeles
    13. Hong Kong
    14. Tel Aviv
    15. Barcelona
    16. Sao Paulo
    17. Berlin
    18. Lisbon
    19. Beirut
    20. Istanbul
    21. Shanghai
    22. Montreal
    23. Amsterdam
    24. Chicago
    25. Toronto
    26. Kyoto
    27. Bogota
    28. Rome
    29. Las Vegas