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About Last Night: Flirty Networking

Meeting new people, frugal shopping, dive bar cuisine



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    A'Gaci boutique opened its doors, Flirty Girl fitness threw a networking-slash-pole-dancing party, and just-opened Rockwood Place packed 'em in. (Published Friday, Sept. 4, 2009)

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    Despite Thursday's drizzle, parties were blazing behind closed doors.

    Meet New People
    Flirty Girl Fitness waived their no-male policy for a night, hosting a "Meet New People" networking event. The brainchild of Billie Oshana, a full-time lawyer and part-time belly dance instructor at Flirty Girl, these parties are always popular. Billie gently nudges her guests to mix in with different groups and meet new people. Flirty Girl demonstrations on the poles provided a nice little distraction as well, and a good subject for conversation. Get in on the fun: Email oshanalaw@yahoo.com for info about future events.

    Grand Opening: A'Gaci
    Trendy lady gear boutique A'Gaci celebrated their opening inside the Palmer House last night. Women feverishly rifled through the racks while sipping on martinis and groovin' to the DJ. The deals are so bottom dollar, the max you'll spend for the most expensive top, bottom, dress, shoes or an accessory is $135. A'Gaci also opened a Schaumburg store, and of course, you can always shop online.

    Grand Opening: Rockwood Place
    Rockwood Place (3466 N. Clark) is a little fancier than most of the joints that line Clark Street near Wrigley Field, but it touts dive bar cred with simple American cuisine (a cone of fried cheese curds?) and a rock, country or live band karaoke entertainment. The "All You Can Handle" brunch debuts on Labor Day weekend.