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Stop With the Tollway Tickets!

Minnesota says Illinois Tollway ticketing drivers who aren't in state



    Stop With the Tollway Tickets!
    A tollbooth in the IDOT system

    Apparently the Illinois Tollway is so screwed up that it's now making drivers two states away angry.

    The attorney general of Minnesota is telling the tollway to stop sending her residents tickets for violations that occurred when they weren't even in Illinois. And it's more than just a simple request. The AG, Lori Swanson, has compiled a 75-page report detailing complaints -- with supporting, allegedly exonerating documents -- of a dozen Minnesota drivers, and believes dozens more have been affected.

    "It's not fair for the tollway to place the burden on these citizens who have not created the problem in the first place," Swanson told the Tribune.

    "In a letter to tollway acting Executive Director Michael King and Gov. Pat Quinn, Swanson asked the agency to declare a moratorium on sending violation notices to Minnesota drivers until the agency updates its vehicle registration information," the Tribune reports.

    Swanson has yet to be satisified.

    "We've had the same amount of difficulty getting through that the ordinary citizen has," she said.

    Swanson held a news conference on Thursday because calls and letters have been ignored, her office told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

    "Illinois tollway spokeswoman Joelle McGinnis said Illinois officials have no record of being contacted by the Minnesota attorney general's office," the Star-Tribune reports.

    But they probably have a record of the Minnesota attorney general speeding on their tollway.

    Welcome to our world, Minnesota.

    Steve Rhodes is a born and bred Minnesotan who is still shocked and amazed by the ways of Chicago and Illinois. He catalogues those observations on his Chicago-centric news and culture website,The Beachwood Reporter.