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Peter Pan To Spread Fairy Dust on Chicago

London's Peter Pan show to make American debut



    Peter Pan To Spread Fairy Dust on Chicago
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    Actors performs Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens on June 3, 2009 in London, England.

    Let’s face it. You tried as hard as you could, but you weren’t able to fulfill the childhood dream of never growing up.

    But, for a short while in May 2010, you can pretend that you didn’t -- grow up, that is.

    The new, multi-media production of “Peter Pan” is leaving its London origins and flying to the U.S., with its North American debut scheduled in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    The exact venue isn't yet pinned down, but it's sure to be a full house when the time comes.

    The show is currently playing at Kensington Gardens in London, inside a tent that seats 1,100 people.

    You know the classic J.M. Barrie story – a boy who won’t grow up, a pirate who wants him dead and a Native American princess held hostage. With worldwide appeal, the show is also reportedly planning a run in New Zealand.

    Both audiences can expect a 360-degree experience of flying actors and virtual depictions of London and Neverland in the production.

    So come May, when the name “Peter Pan” is thrown around, know that it's not in reference to the peanut butter, record company or bus line. Rather Tinker Bell’s accomplice is spreading his magic fairy dust in the Windy City.