• Instagram Oct 17, 2019

    NYC Woman Pays Off $102K In Student Loans, Celebrates With Funeral

    Many people with student loan debt feel buried. But one New York City woman decided to bury her loans instead. Mandy Velez, a journalist from the Daily Beast took to Instagram to celebrate the death of her student loans after 6 years earlier this year

  • transportation Sep 24, 2018

    Why the ‘Gig' Economy May Not Be the Workforce of the Future

    The “gig” economy might not be the new frontier for America’s workforce after all. From Uber to TaskRabbit to YourMechanic, so-called gig work has been widely seen as ideal for people who want the flexibility and independence that traditional jobs don’t offer. Yet the evidence is growing that over time, they don’t deliver the financial returns many expect. And they...

  • Chicago Aug 8, 2018

    New Illinois Ride-Share Law Requires More Extensive Background Checks

    A new Illinois law that took effect Tuesday, is now requiring ride-share drivers to undergo adequate background checks to ensure safety among those who use the service.

  • Chicago Jun 29, 2017

    Group Sues Uber Over Lack of Wheelchair Access

    A Washington, D.C.-based civil rights group has filed a lawsuit against Uber under the American with Disabilities Act —which prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities— alleging that the ride-hailing company has chosen to not to include wheelchair-accessible vehicles in its services....
    The Equal Rights Center’s executive director Melvina Ford says that Uber “has a legal obligation to ensure that individuals with...

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