• Donald Trump Mar 6, 2019

    Fact Check: A Look at Trump's CPAC Speech

    In a two-hour address to the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 2, President Donald Trump made questionable and false claims about the fight against ISIS, tariffs and African American income. He also repeated a bevy of claims we’ve debunked before.

  • cellular telephone Jan 15, 2019

    Companies Offer Assistance to Federal Workers Impacted by Shutdown

    The bills don’t stop piling up for workers affected by the government shutdown. Some national companies are offering relief to federal workers. Here’s an overview of how workers can get the help they need need.

  • Congress Jan 5, 2019

    Federal Agencies Directed to Hold Off on Shutdown Raises

    Federal agencies have been directed to hold off enacting pay raises for top administration officials during a government shutdown that has left hundreds of thousands of federal workers without pay. The guidance was issued Friday in a memo from Margaret Weichert, the acting director of the Office of Personnel Management. The raises were the result of a pay freeze for...

  • Donald Trump Jan 2, 2019

    Why Slowing Economies Could Prod US, China to Reach Deal

    The Trump administration and China are facing growing pressure to blink in their six-month stare-down over trade because of jittery markets and portents of economic weakness. The import taxes the two sides have imposed on hundreds of billions of each other’s goods — and the threat of more to come — have heightened anxiety on each side of the Pacific....

  • Donald Trump Dec 29, 2018

    Farmers Risk Loss of Federal Payments, Loans From Shutdown

    The end of 2018 seemed to signal good things to come for America’s farmers. Fresh off the passage of the farm bill, which reauthorized agriculture, conservation and safety net programs, the Agriculture Department last week announced a second round of direct payments to growers hardest hit by President Donald Trump’s trade war with China. Then parts of the government shut...

  • United States Dec 28, 2018

    800,000 Government Workers May Need Financial Aid as Shutdown Continues

    Non-profit organizations and private companies are working to provide financial assistance to roughly 800,000 people who won’t receive regularly scheduled paychecks as Congress failed to vote on a resolution to the partial government shutdown during a session Thursday, NBC News reported. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, an agency which handles human resources for the government’s civilian workforce, advised thousands...

  • The Associated Press Oct 4, 2017

    Vegas Gunman Meticulously Planned Attack; Police Release Body Camera Footage of Search

    The Las Vegas gunman transferred $100,000 overseas in the days before the attack and planned the massacre so meticulously that he even set up cameras inside the peephole of his high-rise hotel room and on a service cart outside his door, apparently to spot anyone coming for him, authorities said Tuesday. Meanwhile, investigators are taking a harder look at the...

  • Donald Trump Mar 13, 2017

    After Pledging to Donate Salary, Trump Declines to Release Proof

    During the campaign, President Donald Trump promised he would take “no salary” if elected — a pledge he reiterated after he won, but the White House is declining to say if the president has donated any of his earnings yet, NBC News reported....
    The Constitution requires that the president receive a salary, and that it not be reduced during his term....

  • China Jun 8, 2015

    Massive Federal Data Breach May Unleash Bigger U.S. Secrets

    A giant hack of millions of government personnel files is being treated as the work of foreign spies who could use the information to fake their way into more-secure computers and plunder U.S. secrets. Federal employees were told in a video Friday to change all their passwords, put fraud alerts on their credit reports and watch for attempts by foreign...

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