• Health Jul 21, 2020

    First COVID-19, Now Mosquitoes: Bracing for Bug-borne Ills

    As the coronavirus pandemic subsides for now in the hard-hit Northeast, public health officials in the region are bracing for an outbreak of another mysterious virus: eastern equine encephalitis

  • Northern Illinois Jun 11, 2020

    Some Chicago Insects Prove More Extreme This Summer

    If it feels like some insects have been more plentiful this summer, you’re right and we could get a break soon, an entomology expert said. In early June, both mosquitoes and cicadas arrived in large groups to the Chicago area, but an expert said more types of bugs are expected to arrive as summer continues. Mosquitoes have been particularly...

  • University of Illinois Jun 7, 2020

    Illinois Scientists Study Disease-Carrying Mosquito's Spread

    Researchers at a University of Illinois institute are studying how a disease-carrying mosquito has spread in the state over three decades. They focused on Asian tiger mosquitoes, invasive bugs that can spread dengue fever, Zika and other diseases. The mosquitoes originated in southeast Asia, came to Texas in the 1980s and spread to Illinois. Rebecca Smith, a professor of pathobiology,…

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