Manuel Noriega

  • Panama Dec 19, 2019

    30 Years After US Invasion, Panamanian Families Seek Answers

    Thirty years after the U.S. invasion that ousted dictator Manuel Noriega, relatives of Panamanians who disappeared have new hope for answers about the fate of their loved ones. Their hope lies in a Truth Commmission established in 2016 that has compiled evidence leading to the exhumation of anonymous bodies early next year at a Panama City cemetery. The remains will...

  • Donald Trump Nov 7, 2019

    Prosecutors Charge Man With Hate Crime in Acid Attack

    A 61-year-old white Milwaukee man accused of throwing acid on a Hispanic man’s face will be charged with a hate crime, increasing the possible sentence he may receive if convicted, prosecutors announced Wednesday. Prosecutors filed one charge against Clifton Blackwell — first-degree reckless injury — but added the sentencing enhancers of hate crime and use of a dangerous weapon. The...

  • Donald Trump Nov 4, 2019

    Arrest Made In Milwaukee Acid Attack

    The suspect threw battery acid in the victim’s face after an argument over a parking space, police said. WTMJ’s Lauren Linder reports.

  • Donald Trump Jan 24, 2019

    Amid Wall Debate, Pope Says Fear of Migration Makes Us Crazy

    Pope Francis said Wednesday that fear of migration is “making us crazy” as he began a trip to Central America amid a standoff over President Donald Trump’s promised wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and a new caravan of migrants heading north. Francis was asked by reporters about the proposed border wall Wednesday on the way to Panama, where he is...

  • United States May 30, 2017

    Former Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega Dies at 83

    Manuel Noriega, the former Panamanian dictator whose brutal six-year reign was ended by a U.S. invasion, has died at 83, a hospital in Panama confirmed to NBC News. Noriega early on caught the attention of the CIA and became a paid informant for the U.S. agency. He rose to power through the military and acted as de facto leader of...

  • Central Intelligence Agency May 30, 2017

    Manuel Noriega Dies at Age 83

    Manuel Noriega, who was the military dictator of Panama in the 1980s, a drug trafficker and a paid informant for the CIA, has died.

  • Donald Trump May 18, 2017

    Mueller: 9/11 FBI Chief Catapulted Into New Challenge

    Robert Mueller took office as FBI director in 2001 expecting to dig into drug cases, white-collar misdeeds and violent crime. A week later was Sept. 11. Overnight, his mission changed and Mueller spent the next 12 years wrestling the agency into a battle-hardened terrorism-fighting force. Now, Mueller once again finds himself catapulted into the midst of historic events: The Justice...

  • United States Mar 8, 2017

    Ex-Panama Dictator Noriega Critical After Surgery

    Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega is in critical condition after undergoing two brain surgeries. Noriega, 83, underwent the first procedure Tuesday morning to remove a benign tumor from his brain. But after that surgery, doctors discovered a hemorrhage that forced them to go back in that afternoon, his daughters and lawyer said. He was listed in critical condition in the...

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